10 Times VAR Decided the Faith of Football Matches: Video Assistant Controversies

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Video Channel: Football Geeks
If earlier the referees could make a decision based on their perception of the game, then today they are literally tied up. The video assistant referee rules were written into the Laws of the Game in 2018, and since then the VAR has gradually penetrated into all major football competitions of the world. Even the Champions League could not resist the onslaught of technology. This year, the VAR was first used in play-off matches. And it has already made a lot of noise there. Does the video assistant really spoil the football? Is it indispensable if we want to avoid the referee’s mistakes? Let's take a look at the 10 most controversial football matches in which the VAR system significantly influenced the outcome of the game. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel, and let’s kick off.

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