Couple Reacts To: TXT Cat & Dog Comeback Stage on M COUNTDOWN Reaction

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Here is seoulyaheart's Couple Reacts To: TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Cat & Dog] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190425 EP.616 Reaction!! TXT killed it live on M COUNTDOWN with Cat and Dog!! They did not look like rookies at all. TXT had so much charisma on stage, their vocals were stable, and their dancing was on point. Their BTS hyungs are definitely proud of them!! What do y'all think of TXT cat and dog comeback stage?? 😍

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Hi everyone! It's seoulyaheart ♡ ~ We are a couple that loves kpop, especially BTS (taekook ftw!) Expect us to upload daily ranging from kpop/BTS couple reactions, vlogs, mukbangs, korean culture, and anything fun just for you. It'll mean a lot to us if you subscribe and like this video. Thank you so much and feel free to comment below what you want us to react to next. See you in the next video! ❤

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