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Yesterday, we reported about singer B.I's alleged involvement in illegal drugs. The Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission has received a report that the chief of B.I's management agency, Yang Hyun-suk, stepped in to disrupt the police investigation into the singer. Here are the details.
"I did not use the drugs because I was afraid" Singer B.I has denied the allegation that he had used illegal drugs. However, the suspect who allegedly provided narcotics to B.I told police the exact location, time and method of the drug deal with the singer.
[Soundbite] BANG JUNG-HYUN(LAWYER, REPORTED B.I'S CASE) : "The suspect got a hold of LSD for B.I and delivered it to him near iKon's living quarters. I heard that B.I withdrew cash from a nearby ATM and paid the suspect."
The suspect also specified the exact amount of money received from B.I for the illegal substance -- 1.3 million won in cash.
[Soundbite] BANG JUNG-HYUN(LAWYER, REPORTED B.I'S CASE) : "(Was this included in the testimony?) It was."]
A few days later, testifying in the presence of an attorney, the suspect changed the testimony about B.I. The following day, police closed the case and transferred the suspect to prosecutors. Despite the significance of the testimony, police wrapped up the investigation without checking if the new testimony was true or false. For more than three months, neither the suspect nor singer B.I were interrogated by the prosecutors in charge of the case. Furthermore, the prosecutors even temporarily suspended the indictment andlet the suspect travel overseas. The prosecutor who was in charge of the case at the time said this was done because it was the suspect's first offense and there were no particular reasons to deny the suspect's request to travel abroad. The suspect returned to Korea after a long trip and was eventually arrested for alleged involvement in another drug-related crime.

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