Link & The Wind Fish Awaken - DethI Fight & Perfect Ending

Video Channel: komali100
Done with traversing the whole of Koholint Island and retrieving the 8 Instruments of the Sirens, Link climbs to the top of Mt. Tamaranch, pulls out his ocarina, and leads the Instruments of the Sirens through the Song of Awakening taught to him by Marin, the Ballad of the Wind Fish. He does this having already come to terms with the fact that, should he succeed, the entirety of Koholint Island and its inhabitants will vanish and become nothing more than a memory.

He destroys the nightmares that fervently attempted to stop him from arousing the being made to sleep without end so that they may rule the entire world created behind its closed eyes.

The Wind Fish, at last, awakens and so too does Link, still clutching to the debris of his destroyed sail boat. He looks up, sees the Wind Fish flying overhead, and smiles as he gazes at the physical proof that all that he had experienced, though a dream, still happened. He then sees a lone seagull take flight towards the open sea and is reminded of Marin, the beautiful woman who wished to the Wind Fish to become a seagull so that she may fly across the ocean and sing her songs to all the people she meets. Perhaps that is her having wished so strongly that it is granted and she manifests outside the Wind Fish's dreams and becomes more than just a memory.

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