Straw Hats Biggest Power Ups in Wano! - One Piece 939+

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Video Channel: Black Leg VinSmoke
Straw Hats' future power-ups in One Piece! I think everyone believes that the Straw Hats will get new power ups in Wano. Some of the Straw Hats are doing great right now, but they will still need new
powers to fight strong enemies in Wano, so in this video you will see their possible new powers. I predict that most of them will be able to use Haki. We saw that even Usopp could use Observation Haki, so why not? Also we may see monster trio(Luffy, Zoro, Sanji) new abilities. Also we will see luffy vs Yonko Kaido for sure. I hope you will enjoy! Subscribe for more!


Music: Light in The Sky - Ender Guney - Cinematic Music

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