The Most Uncomfortable Today Show Interviews Ever

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Since 1952, the Today show has come into our homes every morning with its weird mix of heavy news and airy banter, but it's also served up some seriously cringe-worthy coverage over the years. Let's crack open the vault and take a fresh look at some of Today's most uncomfortable interviews ever.

Kate Gosselin stopped by Today in 2014 with her two oldest daughters, then 13-year-old twins Cara and Mady, to clear the air about how their family reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, had affected them. Billed as "Growing Up Gosselin," the interview was meant to explore how the girls viewed their own childhood, aside from the media portrayal. Anchor Savannah Guthrie first asked Mady how she and her family were doing.

Kate did most of the talking for the rest of the segment, yet insisted that her daughters had agreed to do the interview. This was, in her words, "the most wordless she'd heard them all morning." When Kate urged her daughter to repeat what she had previously said in a magazine interview, Mady refused. Oddly enough, they claimed to love being on TV.

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