Unboxing L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls in Blind Bags and Capsules!

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Brand-new L.O.L. Surprise! unboxing with Slime Sam!😍 Who's inside???🤩

Ok, guys, it's time to talk. Slime Sam and I have a problem. WE CAN'T STOP UNBOXING ALL THESE SURPRISE TOYS!!! Seriously, it's getting ridiculous! All these mystery boxes, blind bags, surprise packages, unexpected unboxings, and collectible toys got us hooked! Not a day goes by without unpacking another toy... I could blame Sam, but let's face it, I'm the worst one in the family in this regard. My biggest weakness is LOL Surprise brand... Look at these adorable LOL dolls! People who created them are pure geniuses. Their hair is on point, their makeup is impeccable, their clothes is so stylish and cute and their accessories are to die for!

In this fun video compilation, we'll be unboxing marvelous magenta Pearl Surprise kit, beautiful turquoise Pearl Surprise kit, and THREE LOL Surprise! Under Wraps capsules (Eye Spy series).

Pearl surprise sets contain amazing pearls with surprises and cute mermaid dolls, one big and one little doll in each set! This toy review cannot get any better!

Oh, no, wait, it can! Because right after those we'll be opening Under Wraps capsules and free the LOL dolls from their mummy-like pink costumes :D

😇LOL SURPRISE TURQUOISE PEARL (Sam calls it teal, Samantha calls it baby blue)

How to unpack LOL surprise bag.

As always, first, you pull the paper zipper and remove the outer packaging. I personally hate this part because I can never get it right and it always tears on me! But I got it! Pearl surprise series packages are only half round so they're not as big as they look on the picture.

This blind bag has six round pearl boxes with surprises inside and a secret shell underneath. Three of the pearls are light green like sea foam or salt water taffy and the other three pearls are soft white like real giant pearls! That's where you can find clothes for your future LOL babies - adorable shoes, cute swimsuits, and funky little tops and skirts.

Once we unwrapped the pearls with surprises we were able to get to the shell underneath! Ours was so pretty, light yellow and pink colored, it said DUNK ME! Why? Because it was a bath soak! So we made a bowl out of the round part of the package, filled it with warm water and dunked the shell inside! Two colors of the shell made a mesmerizing pattern and it was fizzy like lemonade, you wouldn't believe it! After a few seconds, the soak dissolved and revealed a beautiful turquoise plastic shell underneath. This shell contained a few more surprises and dolls too! By the way, if you, guys, unbox a Pearl Surprise kit, I think it would be a great idea to do it in the bathtub while you're taking a bath. No waste, great smell and you'll feel like a LOL princess in this colorful fizzy water!

If you want to see which dolls we got, watch the whole video! And I'm off to buy more surprise toys. Stop meeeeeee...

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