Why The Sky Turned Dark Purple In Japan When Century's Strongest Cyclone Typhoon Hagibis Approached

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The sky is generally blue. It means the weather is pretty normal and clear. But what causes the sky to turn purple and what exactly does it mean?

On Saturday, Typhoon Hagibis approached Japan’s main island, Honshu with a wind speed of up to 180km per hour. More than 500,000 people were forced to evacuate.

The local residents used social media to share the pictures of the sky during the storm. Something was weird in those pictures. In there the color of the sky wasn’t normal. It was deep purple. So what really happened?

Generally the light is white. But when you put it through a prism, you see different colors of lights like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. So basically the point is light will look normal or white to you unless something like prism or other molecules gets in its way.

In our atmosphere different types of light angles, gases or molecules scatters the light in a different way. So you see different colors of sky during sunrise, sunset or even on rainy weather.

I hope now you get a basic idea why the sky turns purple sometimes. During typhoons or hurricanes... water droplets, setting sun and low cloud cover plays a huge role in making the sky deep purple. So it needs the right conditions at the right time for that. That’s why it's pretty rare.

I hope now you understand why the sky was purple in Japan during the typhoon.

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